11 October 2009

Wogglebug (Part 1)

Today I worked a bit more on my modular project. I'm currently building a Wogglebug module. The design is made by Grant Richter and it was originally a Wiard concept I think. The whole purpose of this module is to produce unpredictable control voltages and sounds. Sort of a random module, but with some extra controls. I bought the PCB from the internet and got a front panel and components kit for it from Bridechamber. Soldering the PCB is not as easy as it looks. Even though it is a very small PCB there are some SMD components on there (Surface Mount Devices). They are very small and don't have pins that stick to holes on the PCB, but you have to solder them on top on a very tiny area. Well they are not all that straight on but I think it is good enough now. As long as everything makes contact it should be fine.

After that I started soldering wires to the PCB that will be attached to the font panel components later on. In the picture you can see the back of the front panel. On the left are the jack connectors for the inputs and outputs and on the right the various potmeters that will control the Woggle Bug when it is operational.
If you are asking why I used two different colors in the wiring, well I want to make two neat cable trees later on and this way I can seperate the cabling to the jacks and potmeters easily. That's all.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a nice building manual for this project so I'm figuring out what goes where from the schematics. I found them quite easily on the Internet as a PDF so I can look at it on my monitor just next to my workspace. Very convenient. I'm already happy that I put that computer there now. I'm quite sure I'll need this more often in the future. Well next task is drilling some holes to attach the PCB to the bracket attached to the front panel that will hold it in place. But I haven't got a decent 3mm metal drill. So I'll have to get one first before I can continue. The one I had broke this afternoon because I used to much force. Unfortunately I cut my hand as well in the process. Nothing serious though. Well I hope to continue this soon.

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