28 October 2009

More Screens in the Apollo Studio

I'm also working on finishing the studio. Since I'm planning to start working more with video I added some more screens. They have HDMI input and can project a 1080p full HD picture. Besides this it is nice to play a video on there while I'm working. I actually did this during the production of my 'OceanoGraphy' album to get in the mood. I watched a lot of Nature Documentaries without sound while I was composing or producing. I also watched some other movies in between when I was resting my ears. I played those movies from an Eminent player. And yes I have them legally ;)

As you probably know we also build a cinema while constructing the new studio. We bought a full HD beamer for that, but we had a beamer in the living room before that. I recently removed that from the ceiling in the living room and mounted it on the ceiling of the studio. It is not HD, but I will be nice to work on multi media projects on that for sure. I need to figure out now though how to hook up all this video stuff to be able to easily switch between it all. But I'm sure I'll find a solution for that.

So how does it all look. Well great I think personally :) And no I don't have everything switched on all the time. The projection screen for the beamer is electric. So I can roll it up and down. I'm still not done in the studio. The next thing to do is get surround sound in there. I will use my old Behringer monitors for this. I have mounting brackets for them already, but need someone to help me out with this. As some of you might have heard before I'm planning to release some music in surround in the future and I want to start experimenting with that soon. I'll keep you updated on this as usual :)

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