11 October 2009

Mooger Frooger Fun

After soldering today I though it was time to have some fun. So I hooked up the Mooger Froogers that are on my modular desk for a long time already, but I just didn't have time to even test them. From left to right you see the MF-104Z Analog Delay, MF-105 Murf and MF-103 Phaser. I hooked them up to the PAIA 9700S to get some sound. The analog delay is nice but quite straight forward, as well as the 12 stage phaser. They are nice, but not spectacular, but with the Murf I had a lot of fun. It is a filter effect with different band pass filters that gets switched on and of in different patterns. It is something like a multiband gated filter. You can really make nice effects with it. But all in all the Mooger Froogers are lots of fun and I think they complement the modular setup very well :)

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