29 October 2009

Servers Moved to New Datacenter

Today I moved my servers that also hold the Synth.nl website from Datacenter BIT-1 to Datacenter BIT-2. Actually the physical move was done by Peter and Eelco from BIT. We started at 10:00 this morning and the servers were fully operational again at 11:00. So they did lightning fast work. Thanks for that guys! But then the trouble started. I run VMWare ESX on the two Sun servers you see in the picture. I though this was a nice opportunity to upgrade from ESX 3.5 to 4.0 right after the move, since everything was down for a while anyway. But then the black Intel machine on top of the Suns didn't work anymore. I had to completely reinstall it. And that machine was running the Virtual Center tool that manages the two ESX machines. So I could not get my Virtual Servers running. And after the reinstall of the machine it turned out, after a long time of trying to get it to run and phoning VMware support, that there was a problem with my licenses :( A nice Indian support guy helped me with at temporary license, but it took until 15:00 before I had my virtual machines running again. Ah well that's life.

Tomorrow I will have to do some more work on my little platform and will call the reseller that screwed the licenses up for me. I'm sure I will get it right eventually, but it was a lot of lost time for nothing. If you are asking yourself by now if all those servers are only for the Synth.nl website. Uhhhhh no not really. There is a lot of other stuff running as well. It is quite a nice platform that runs several virtual Windows and Linux servers. The nice thing is that the data of all the virtual servers on this platform is actually stored on a redundant NetApp cluster from BIT and I can easily move an virtual server to another physical server if necessary. And now I also have redundant power feeds in BIT-2, better cooling and easier access to the servers. So it was worth the move for sure. If you are looking for a datacenter in The Netherlands by the way be sure to check BIT-2 out :) It is really state-of-the-art. Do contact me if you are interested. Well enough for now. I hope you didn't miss my website for too long ;)

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