07 October 2009

MOTM 950 and 900 Power Supplies

I have been quite productive this morning actually. I picked up working on my modular project after a long period and heated up my soldering iron again :) I recently ordered two power supplies from MOTM (http://www.synthtech.com) as a kit. And I just completed them. They look very similar but they are a bit different. One is a MOTM 950 Tripple Power Supply that has +15, -15 and also +5 Volts and the other one is a MOTM 900 Dual Power Supply that only has +15 and -15 Volts. But for the kit that difference is very minimal.

Building these kits is not very hard since the power supply modules come pre-assembled. So all you have to do is attach everything to the front panel and solder the wiring. After that you need to calibrate the output voltages with the trimmers on the PCB of the power supply. There is did encouter a problem though. On the MOTM 900 the -15 volts was fine but the other side have me +24 Volts and I couldn't adjust it. When I looked closely at the PCB I saw that next to two jumpers that was cut also a resistor was cut and I thought that this was a bit odd. So I re-soldered this resistor and then it worked like a charm. Some one obviously made a fuckup there.

I'm glad that I saw this right away. Here you see a picture of the front panels. Not very exciting actually. I'm considering to add some power leds so that I can see the power supplies are working. But for now it is fine. They work and I can hook up the modules that I finish later on. I actually also bought some MOTM modules from E-bay so I can start testing them right away. The only problem is that I don't have sound yet on that side of the studio so I'll have to arrange for something there first. I'll keep you posted from now on again on the progress of my modular project.

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