08 October 2009

And it is leaking again :(

This is getting very annoying. Last night I was working at my modular desk wen suddenly some water dripped on my head. So I removed the cover again from the ventilation hole over me and water came pouring out :( So I placed the bucket again under it. I didn't really sleep last night because it started leaking on more on more places. Eventually the water was dripping down on 5 completely different places. I can't really imagine that it has to do with that hole that has been repaired twice now. There has to be some other leak as well I guess.

This morning the constructor came by again and we discussed the other possibilities of a leak somewhere else. Just reconstructing what happened during the whole construction process. I'm afraid more of our house is going to be torn down now. I feel really shit at the moment. Thus far I have been very lucky still that no equipment was damaged, but when ever it starts raining now I just can't afford the be away until we fix this for good. It looks like it is staying dry today. So maybe I can get some sleep later on. And I could really do with some GOOD news...

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