19 December 2008

UAD-2 in new Studio PC

I recently ordered a new Studio PC to function as the main recording machine in my new Apollo Studio. It is a Quad Core Intel machine with 4 Gbyte of RAM that will be running Vista. I decided to switch to Vista since Cakewalk is supporting this very well. And in the mean time I sold most of the stuff that didn't run on Vista. I also ordered a UAD2 duo card to go into this PC right away, and I will transfer my current UAD1 to this PC as well since not all UAD plugins are ported yet to the new UAD2 card. There are some pretty amazing new plugins though that use much more power than the old plugins like the new Moog Filter. I'm very curious about that. I also got a nice voucher with the card to buy some new plugins. I just have to transfer my excisting plugins to the new card before the end of the year and it is still very busy here, so I didn't do that yet.

Here you can see the interface itself. I chose the Duo Flexi variant that holds 2 Sharc DSP's. It has a lot more power than the UAD1 that I started using more and more. I love especially the Roland plugins that I used a lot on my AtmoSphere album, like the Space Echo emulation and the Dimension D. The nice thing about using them in this way is that you can run multiple instances at once and on the Space Echo the tapes don't break ;) And it actually sounds quite authentic in my opinion. If you never heard it I can recommend you to check it out.

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