19 December 2008

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 4)

I received another update from my furniture builder Gerrit. Here you can see more 19" modules that are already finished. Currently he is applying multiple layers of lack on they and that has to dry, so that is a lengthy process. It will ensure though later that the furniture will be very rigid. I still like this combination of black and mahony a lot. I'm sure it will look great later on. I heard yesterday that he is planning to bring the first pieces between Christmas and New Year. I'm excited about that, because then I can finally see the stuff in place and I can finish the cabling job in the studio.

Here you can see two of the modules that will go on top of the desk. There will be six of those in total. Three on the left and three on the right. As you can see the equipment will hang placed in it in an angle that will make it easier to use in my opinion. It is all about ergonomics. But I'll have to see how it works later on in practice. But for sure it looks better than the 19" desk racks I have now. We still had some discussion yesterday about the exact placements of these units to make sure there will be as much room as possible. But the racks that will be on the far left and right sides will have to be sawed of because of the wall. So I will have to make sure I put equipment there that isn't too deep.

This last picture show some of Gerrit's workshop. He told me yesterday that the black finish layet is glued onto the wood with a glue that smelled quite bad. He got some kind of gas mask to make sure he didn't inhale all that bad fumes. He also didn't dare to light up his oil heater because he thought these fumes would be flamable. It is nice to hear that he is as enthousiastic about this project as I am. And I'm getting more and more impatient to see the final result :) The last weeks I only got these pictures and that is always a bit different than the real stuff. But in a few weeks hopefully I can show you some pictures coming from the studio itself :)

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