12 December 2008

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 3)

While we are very busy working in the studio my furniture builder is also very busy on his side. We have regular contact over the project and he E-mails me some pictures once in a while. It is nice to see the progress in this way. In the picture on the left you see some of the wood that is roughly sawed to the right size. All the material arrived in his workshop by now. In this workshop some modules will be build together that will be transported to my studio and there the whole thing will be assembled on the spot eventually. Hopefully just before the end of the year.

A lot of the work on the furniture is done by hand and it is a very precise job I can tell you. What I loved right away from the first time we talked is the passion that Gerrit (my furniture builder) has for his work. He already had in his head as well how it should look eventually, but for me that is still hard to imagine. We did the 3D drawings of course, but that still is not very touchable. I can't wait until I can see the final result. But I trust it will be great. I will try to update more often with pictures on this blog, but the problem is that last week we were so busy that I didn't really have time to write on here.

This picture I just saw when I opened my mail and that motivated my to write on here since it gives a nice picture of how it will eventually look. As you can see the sides are nicely done with real mahony wood. I think it looks just great :) It will be a bit darker eventually I understood because it will be lacked a couple of times like the ASM-2 cabinet he build for me. But now I'm starting to get a feel how it will look in the studio later on. What you see here by the way is one of the 19" modules that will be under my desk. In total 10 of these modules will be build. OK more later :)

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