04 December 2008

Siel Kiwi

I just added quite a rare synthesizer to my collection: The Siel Kiwi. It is an Italian build 6 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with two DCO's per voice. It has quite good filers with nice resonance. For that Siel used SSM chips. And it also has 3 LFO's. Actually quite a nice machine. It sounds a bit like a Roland JX3P only a bit better even I think. It is quite nice for bass sounds. And it looks quite different from what I have seen before as well.

My first impression from the looks of it was a bit Russian like actually. As you can see on the back it has Midi build in by default which is quite nice of course. And they made sure you would see what it is called since it has Kiwi written quite large on the front and on the back.

I was quite lucky to acquire this one. It was actually in repair for someone else that didn't want to get it repaired anymore. So I acquired it for a nice price and let the repair guy do its work. It took some time before I actually got it, but now it arrived. I haven't played much on it yet since we are a bit busy with the new studio now, but I will find a nice spot for it in the new studio later and try it out some more. I heard it is a lot similar to the Siel Opera 6 and the repair guy actually put the factory presets from that synthesizer in the Kiwi since he didn't have the Kiwi factory presets. If you know more about this synthesizer feel free to comment on this post then :)


Jan R. Kloosterman said...

Gefeliciteerd Michel! We zullen er nog wel van 'horen' ;-)

Synth.nl said...

Ongetwijfeld in de toekomst :)

rien said...

ik heb sinds kort ook een siel opera. dezezelf gerepareerd.
maar ik heb geen gebruikershandleiding
heb jij er een?
met vriendelijke groet