22 December 2008

Synth.nl Airplay last week

Last week I was played on a very well known US radio show called 'Alien Air Music'. It has been running since 1984 and has a lot of listeners in the Los Angeles area. You can find the website here: http://www.alienairmusic.com/. It is broadcasted over the internet but also through the ether on XKLU. I got a heads up notice in the morning and luckily was able to record it since I couldn't listen to it live. I just ended up with a 500 Mbyte Mp3 file the day after that I could open for edit. Today I found a nice tool to split the MP3 in smaller portions and I could cut out my piece for my radio archive. I also got some airplay last week on Spanish radio show 'A Ultima Fronteira' and German podcast 'Syndae'. These are both podcasts and you can still download them to listen whenever you like. Next week Syndae will do a very nice Christmas special with a nice surprise from me by the way. So be sure not to miss that one :)

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