01 December 2008

PAIA 9700S (Overview)

I know that some of you are following my blog for my DIY electronics projects. Not much is happening at this moment since I'm very busy with the new studio, so I though it would be nice to do an overview post of the PAIA 9700S project I did a while ago.

In the picture on top you see the finished result. It is quite a nice but simple modular synthesizer. It is pretty straight forward. It was a lot of fun building and it was actually my first experience with a modular at all. And after building this I just wanted to build more. The kit supplied by PAIA is very complete and the instructions in the manual are very clear. I do think though that you need a bit of electronics experience to build this one. Below the 9700S in the picture you see the Fatman. Maybe it is better to start with that when you are new to DIY.

OK. Here are all the posts I did on this project in the right order:

PAIA 9700S (Part 1)
PAIA 9700S (Part 2)
PAIA 9700S (Part 3)
PAIA 9700S (Part 4)
PAIA 9700S (Part 5)
PAIA 9700S (Part 6)
PAIA 9700S (Part 7)
PAIA 9700S (Part 8)
PAIA 9700S (Part 9)

I can tell you it feels great when you build something like this yourself and there is actually coming usable sound from it :) As you probably know I'm building a lot of stuff at this moment and I can't wait to hear that in action later. When you want to try some DIY project I can recommend a PAIA to start with. You can find more information on their projects here:


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