12 December 2008

Apollo Studio Acoustics (Part 4)

Last week we had another very busy week. To start with we though last weekend we were finished painting, but when we looked closer not everything was covered entirely. So we actually had to paint everything again which was kind off a set back. But now it looks all nice and tidy. As you can see all the walls are black. And in the picture you can also see that the carpet has been laid. This worked out nicely in terms of color and acoustics. I looks and sounds really nice already in the studio now. Actually all echo is gone already. So that is a good basis to work with later on. My wife picked the carpet by the way and at first I was quite skeptical about it, but now I'm glad she did this after all.

In this picture you see the studio from a different angle. I can't really capture the feel in a picture. You should really see it in real live. It looks much better then. I also started to move some more stuff downstairs already that was standing in the way on other places in the house. I can't bring to much down yet though since my furniture builder will need room too to assemble the studio furniture on the spot as well. I'll be so glad when I finally can put stuff on their final position. But I'm afraid it will be January the earliest.

I also started moving the first computers into the server room. The first thing I put on the bottom in the rack was a UPS. These machines will hold critical data for me and I don't want to loose data over a power problem. And we had our share of those during construction for all kinds of reasons, but I have learned from that. Not all computers will go in here by the way. My main recording machine will be in the studio itself, because otherwise it would result in a cabling nightmare. This computer is super silent so probably I won't even notice it too much. But the machines that go in here make plenty of noise and I'm glad that there are here. So eventually I will have to place a UPS too in the studio to hook up the recording PC.

Since the server room is actually quite big (4 by 1,5 meters) I placed a storage rack in this room as well. I can hold a lot of things that I have laying around in the studio now, like cables, PC spare parts, electronic components for my DIY projects, software boxes and CD's and books etc. This way I can keep the studio nice and tidy. As you can see on top of the shelves I already unpacked the acoustic panels that we will place later on in this acoustics project. I'm glad we chose to use massive wooden doors downstairs. When you are in the server room now it is already quite noisy (and not even everything is there yet), but when the door closes you hear absolutely nothing on the outside! And there is another door like that in the studio itself, so I guess this was a good idea :)

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