06 July 2008

Yusynth (Part 5)

Today I worked some more on the Yusynth project. On the left you see another component stack. These are most of the components needed to build 4 Yusynth LFO modules. I got these components a while back from the local electronics shop. Unfortunately the first thing I noticed (again) is that the 100 nF capacitors supplied were too big. So I changed them right away the day after. Yves actually has two types of LFO on his website. But they use the same PCB. So I am building two of each type.

One of the things that I still needed to do on the VCO and that also has to be done on the LFO modules is to match diodes. Yves posted a comment on my previous post how to do that. My old multimeter didn't offer a diode test option, so I decided to buy a new one. It is a Dynatec D9200 Digital Multimeter. The other reason I bought it is that my old multimeter wasn't able to measure capacitors as well. And this one can. I'm sometimes struggeling with the values on the capacitors and now I can just be sure I take the correct one. The trick is to match them based on the voltage drop them make within 3 mV. All my 1N4148 diodes seem to be within the 588-600 mV range. And I made some nice exact matching pairs.

I made quite some progress today. I almost finished the VCO and LFO modules now. I'm still missing 4 resistors and 4 trim potmeters, but I will get them next week. I did correct an error as well. I mounted two 10K resistors on a spot where 18K should have been. I found this out because I had two 18K resistors left ;) So I started looking where they were supposed to be. Always good to do these kind of cross checks in the end. In the picture on the left you see all the modules I have so far. Still a lot to go.

Next up will be two random modules. In the picture on the right you see the PCB's for them. They are actually dual modules. The left part is a noise module, producing white and pink noise. And the right part is a Sample and Hold module. I already ordered the components for these so I hope I can start on these soon. But enough for now because I need to get back to work on my album. I will update you again soon on this project.

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