29 July 2008

AtmoSphere Album Work

The last weeks I did a lot of work in the studio. I haven't seen much of the outside world. I'm still working day and night on my album. I also did two studio sessions with my very good friend Hanz. He gives me a lot of input on my tracks, he also played two lead lines on a track that will be on the album. In the picture on the left you see what my screens looks like. The left two screens are attached to my audio PC running Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition. You can see the rough arrangement of a track I'm working on at the moment. I think it will turn out OK :)

I'm creating a lot of data at the moment as well. Each song consists of about 50 tracks and is that generates about 5-7 Gbyte of data per song. When I'm done I'll export everything to WAV for the remixing and mastering sessions. That will give another 5-7 Gbyte of data. This data is stored on my audio PC but after every day of work I make a backup to two seperate fileservers that are hooked up to my gigabit ethernet network. Both fileservers have a RAID 5 filesystem so this way I'm quite sure the data is secure when my harddisk would crash or something. When I'm all done I'll also backup everything on DVD. Sounds a bit paranoid maybe but I have seen a lot of dataloss in my IT carreer. So this paranoia is based on actual horror scenarios I have seen with my own eyes. OK back to work :)

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