16 July 2008

Again Some Studio Changes

Today I cleaned up the studio a bit. It got a bit messy from all the electronics projects I did in there. I also moved around some stuff again. I'm still finding the best spot for all my gear. I found a nice place for the Formant in my analog corner. It is on the floor with the keyboard on top. This way I can move it around easily to work on it and can also play the keyboard. I did some more work on the Formant this morning as well. I will tell about that in the Formant Series part 3 that I'm going to post later. My analog corner is getting quite crowded now. I'm happy that we are going to start building the Apollo studio soon, so that I will have a bit more room again.

Another thing I did is swap the Oberheim OB12 for the Roland JP-8000. I love to play leads on the JP-8000. I like how the keyboard plays and also the sound is very good. I'm going to use the JP8000 for some leads in songs I'm working on right now. It is very analog in look, feel and sound actually. I put in in my digital corner right behind me. I have got some kind of a 'U' setup now there with keyboards on the left of me, in front of me and right to me. Very nice when jamming late at night. I agreed with my friend Chriz that we are going to make new studio pictures soon and also new movies for the website, because so many things have moved around since the last time we did that. I'll update you on that of course.

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