22 July 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 2)

Yesterday work has started on the new studio project. For now we are only breaking stuff away. The garden is completely torn up to make room for construction later in August. Yesterday evening I started to brainstorm a bit about the setup I would like in my new Apollo Studio. I used Google Sketchup for this. A very neat 3D tool that is actually free to use. In the picture on the left you see a top view of the room that is 7x4 meters in total. This is not final at all yet, but it was merely to get an idea of what I could fit in there and how it would look in the end. I also did already some rough planning for the acoustic material that will go in there later on.

I think the most important thing is my workplace. I spend a lot of time there and would like as much equipment up close as I can. I would like a lot of 19" spaces next to me. I'm not sure though that I would be able to find a studio desk like this. But there is always the option to do some custom building. On the desk I will put a near field monitoring set to mix on. My current monitors will go on the ceiling to just listen to music in surround and also judge my music on less suitable speakers. I will start looking for some furniture manufacturer as of next week. If you have any tips for me, please mail me. I guess it would have to be one from Europe though to save a lot of shipping costs.

In this picture you see the other side of the room. I planned a desk there to for my modular projects. And left and right of the room all the synthesizers. I have seen special rails I can put on the wall with hooks to stack them as high as is necessary. That is a system I will use for sure to be flexible for the future. As you can see I also reserved room for my Eminent 310. It is still in the office, but it will come to the studio in the new setup for sure. Well this is still quite rough. I'm sure I will post an updated version sometime soon. But for now I'm happy with how it can become. It took me two days work to make this model, but now it is easier to show especially the furniture manufacturers what I would like and give some exact measurements without guessing. So I think it was worth it for sure. It was nice for a change to learn something new like 3D designing as well. I never did it before. I must admit though that my wife helped me here and there. She is very experienced in the mean time with Sketchup. OK more later. Back to making music again ;)

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