27 July 2008

A Smile in the Studio :)

While sorting the pictures we made yesterday I found this one. We made it by accident but it really looks like a nice smiley glowing in the dark:) It is actually a close up the Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal :)

In the picture on the right you see it a bit farther off next to the Moog Little Fatty. You might recognize it a bit better there. Both pieces of equipment are quite nice to see in the dark by the way.

I still like the RE-20 a lot for jamming on my analog synthesizers but time after time if switch it off when I'm going to record something and use the UAD software version instead then since it is a way better emulation of the real thing. But for jamming or live performances on stage I can really recommend you to go for one of these Boss RE-20 pedals. They are real fun and not very expensive.

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