04 July 2008

AtmoSphere Cover Art Impression

Yesterday I received the final version of the artwork for my new 'AtmoSphere' album that will be released on the 11th October this year. It was a cooperation by two people that I admire a lot for their creativity. The background picture is a 3D render that was made by Bart Auceps. A very talented artist that did a lot for me already at my day job. The typography and art direction was done by Kenny Laurenson. Another very talented artist. I met him recently, but liked his work a lot. He made also a new logo for me. Very retro I know, but that is just how I like it :) The cover off course represents the earths atmosphere and the different layers of air that are in there. This will be the theme of the album. I hope you like it. They also made some more graphics for me that will be used for the CD itself, the booklet in the CD and the back. But they are not finished yet, since I still need to write the text for that myself. I would like to thank Bart and Kenny for their terrific job and if you want to contact either of them for an assignment, let me know and I can bring you in contact with them. Now back to the music :)

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