29 July 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 3)

Last week I looked a bit around on the internet for studio furniture that would fit the new Apollo studio we will start building soon. I did find some very nice idea's. The furniture you saw in the 3D model was just an idea. In the picture on the left you see this one has a nice big desk and 19" cabinets left and right as well on top as below the workspace. That is definitely what I'm looking for. It has also a nice layer on top to put monitors and screens on it. This looks promising I would just need to have the left and right part twice. But I guess that should be possible to build together.

In the picture on the right you see the one I used as an example in the 3D model. I like this one as well. It has more space to hold 19" equipment on top but less workspace. I have to make a decision in that. Of course I have no idea here if it is possible to add an extra left and right part in this model. The first one looks a bit more suitable. But I will go around for this. Maybe I can even find someone to make this on order to make a perfect fit. But at least I have some nice examples now :)

I also found this very nice 19" cabinet that would fit perfectly on the side of the studio. They would only have to be a bit smaller and lower. But I like this design and the way it is tilted back a little. Also they look solid enough to be able to put some heavier stuff on top as well.

So now I'll go to my regular suppliers and ask them to look out for something like this. And hopefully stay in my budget. I'll keep you posted when I know more.

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