09 March 2008

Walforf Blofeld Arrived

Another fine addition to my studio. I bought a Walforf Blofeld. The first time I played with this little synthesizer was at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt last year. To be honest I was not impressed by it at that time. I think because the factory presets that were in it by that time were very crappy. Recently I played on a final model in a music store and I was completely amazed. They have turned it into a little monster :) It is amazing what a powerful sound you can get from this little synthesizer. Especially the pad sounds you can get from it are very good. At first it looks cheap, but the enclose is very solid and also are the knobs. Everything feels very good.

I found a nice place for it in the digital corner of my studio. Just to show you how small it is I made a picture so you can see it next to some equipment you might know. I think I will use some Waldorf Blofeld sounds on my next album. But for now I'm still discovering a bit how it works. It is an easy synthesizer to edit now with the display. The graphical representation they made of some parameters are quite nicely done. I think you get a lot of moneys worth. A lot of synth for a low price. I would say check it out at your local music store!

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