27 March 2008

RE-20 Space Echo Emulation

I bought an RE-20 boss pedal last week. It was one of the things I toyed around with at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt. It is an emulation of the famous Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Off course the genuine thing will sound much better and more vintage, but the hassle with tapes, cleaning, calibrating makes this guitar pedal a very nice alternative. I'm very curious how it will sound. I will use it in my analog corner especially while jamming on the Moog Little Phatty. I probably also have better delay emulations in software that also sync perfectly to the project tempo, but sometimes it is just nice to start jamming without setting up a complete project first in Sonar. My next studio tech article will be about my effects equipment by the way, but I need to find some time to write it.

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