09 March 2008

Dreamscape Radio

From the beginning of this year my label Groove Unlimited started their own radio show. It is called 'Dreamscape Radio' and the host is Ron Boots. Ron is also a very well known Dutch synthesizer musician and also did the remixing and mastering of my first album 'AeroDynamics'. I really enjoyed his shows so far. Ron has an excellent taste in music and still manages to keep the show very varied with a lot of electronic music, but not only that. This week the fifth show played and Ron also played my track 'AeroDynamics' on this show. Another nice thing about this show is that you can buy all music that is played from the groove webshop on http://www.groove.nl/

You can find the radio show on http://dreamscape.groove.nl/. Don't forget to check it every week, because there is no archive of older shows available. It is worth listening too!

Groove is also present on MySpace. You can find their page on my myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/synthnl in my Top Friends list. Add me as a friend when you are on MySpace yourself and don't forget to add Groove Unlimited as your friend too, because they are the guys that make it possible for me to release my music!

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