09 March 2008

Robo Cast Artist Spotlight

My track 'AeroDynamics' was played this week on the Robo Cast Radio podcast. This is a very nice podcast radio show about Electronic Music that you can listen online to or download as a MP3 to your PC or Ipod. A nice detail about this radio show is that the presentation is done by a robot voice made by a vocoder. This gives a very electronic feel that I like a lot. You can find the podcast on their website from this URL:


Besides the airplay time Robo Cast Radio also featured me on their website. It seems like they liked my album AeroDynamics a lot. They also put a nice review of the album in this article that was written by Matt Howarth from Sonic Curiosity. Also they link to the various websites that I use to promote my music and some text from my main website. You can read the article on this URL:


Here is also a direct link to the MP3 of show #17 that my music was played on.


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