21 March 2008

ASM-2 (Part 1)

My next DIY synthesizer project just arrived in the mail. Always nice to get such a package. I really got the taste now for soldering, so you will see lots more DIY projects in the future. The next synthesizer I'm going to build is called the ASM-2. It is an analog synthesizer concept from Elby Designs that you can build in two different ways. Either as a the 'Genie' version or the 'Wizard'. The Genie is a prewired version and the Wizard is a complete modular version. I chose for the modular design. This project differs a lot though from the PAIA projects I did. The documentation is a lot more complicated it even comes with some modifications right away on the original design. You can buy it as a complete kit at once. But you can chose to buy your own components from somewhere else or buy it in pieces.

I started out by ordering the PCB. The whole synthesizer is build on one PCB, but it is divided in modules. Like VCO's, VCF's etc. The PCB also comes with some papers that describe the modifications you should do right away and also a pick list for the components needed for the PCB. Also a CD-ROM is included with all the documentation you need to build the project. I looked trough all of it and I know I have quite a task in front of me. But life is supposed to be a challenge right? :) Well I really look forward to this one.

Another thing I ordered right away was the 'Special Components' kit. These are components that are difficult to get. So rare parts. The rest should be easier to get from a local electronics store. So that is what I'm going to do. I already gave them the pick list for all the resistors, capacitors etc. In the picture on the left you see the special components. Off course I will post all updates on this project in my blog. You can find more information on the ASM-2 on this URL: http://www.elby-designs.com/asm-2/asm2.htm

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