16 March 2008

Musik Messe 2008 Report

Just back from the Musik Messe. We had a great time and have seen lots of nice stuff. I was really pleased to see that Arturia has almost finished the Origin. It is a modular concept with modules included from the ARP 2600, MiniMoog, Jupiter 8 and CS80, but also some own modules from Arturia that you can combine to make unique sounds. Also a 4 line step analog style sequencer is build in. I really love this concept. Lots of knobs a nice big display and a joystick for optimal control. The demo's we saw and heard were great. We also had a nice talk with the head developer from Arturia and I must say I'm very exited about this synthesizer. I will buy one for sure, I already saved space for it in my new studio. I heard the first ones will be produced in May. You can find more information on the Origin here: http://www.arturia.com/

Another machine I was exited about to see was the Cwejman S1 MKII. This is an analog semi-modular synthesizer. I actually ordered one of these a while ago, but I'm still waiting for it. They are hand build after ordering so that takes some time to deliver. It was really cool to play with one on the stand sponsored by the German Synthesizer Magazine. It sounds and feels great :) Can't wait till it gets here. Lot's of special stuff on this stand by the way. I hope to get my S1 in about 2 weeks from now. Off course I will post an item on it on the blog then. You can find more information on the Cwejman S1 MKII here: http://www.cwejman.net/

The synthesizer you see on the left is a MacBeth M5N. I have read about it on the internet, but actually never saw or heard one for real. It is also an analog semi-modular synthesizer but it looks in concept like an Arp 2600. It is quite big, but it is build very solid. There is actually a real spring reverb build in. It sounds great, very special. I can't compare it with anything else. This one definitely is going on my wishlist, but I will have to make room first then. And it is quite expensive I heard, but I don't know the actual price. So maybe something for the future. You can find more information on the MacBeth M5N here: http://www.macbethstudiosystems.com/

On the right you see a modular concept from CureTronic. This was a surprise for me. I never even heard about it. It looked and sounds very nice. When I got back from the Messe I looked it up their website and it turns out that it is actually sold as DIY kits as well for a very good price. So I might try some modules in the future as well, because I want to do more DIY projects in the future. I loved building the PAIA 9700S kit, so I'm hooked now :) Still need to tune and calibrate that one, but I need to solder again soon :) I'm hooked. You can fine more information on CureTronic here: http://www.curetronic.com/

On the left you see another nice modular concept that is quite cheap. It is from a German company called MFB. The two black boxes are from them. The bottom one is a desktop module called MFB-SYNTH 3. It is only 580 euro's I saw on their website and it is coming in May. For a modular synthesizer this is not expensive actually. I'm curious about the sound though. I didn't really have the chance to play with it. I'll study their website some more. They also have a 19" cabinet solution that also looks very good. Nice thing about this concept is that it will quite easily interface with the PAIA 9700S and the Cwejman S1 MKII because it has mini jacks as well. You can find more information about MFB here: http://www.mfberlin.de/

Off course we have seen much more interesting stuff, but this were the highlights for me. One thing I'm sure about, we will go to the Musik Messe next year for sure :)

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