21 February 2008

Time for a bit of music again. I talked about my first release 'AeroDynamics' before, but I did another release on the same day. On the 13th of October 2007 my label Groove Unlimited released a compilation CD with a very nice idea. It is called 'Analogy 3' and as the name suggests it is the third in the series. On Analogy 1 and 2 some great artists where included. It was a bit like a contest as wel. Artists could send in tracks with some rules to follow and Groove would select the tracks they liked. The rules were quiet simple. Only analog synthesizers were allowed, around 6 to 8 minutes in length, no samples and no VA's. I decided to give it a try and I made a track called 'Synthology'. I was very please when my track was selected for the release. The whole CD is one big mix of all tracks smoothly flowing into each other. Ron Boots did this mix and I think he did a great job. All in all it is a great CD worth listening to. During this project though I found out how hard it is to make a track with such limited resources. I'm used to hook up a lot of gear when I record a track and play everything at the same time. At the moment I created this track I didn't have much gear though that fitted the requirements. So I had to use the same instrument several times and record layer by layer. You have to think much more up front what you are going to do. But it was fun to do. And actually it inspired me also to try and record a track with only 1 synthesizer. You will hear that one in the future. If you like more information on 'Analogy 3' you can go to these URL's:




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