25 February 2008

Juno 60 Arrived!

Today a very nice package arrived :) I have been waiting long for this one. I have been looking for a Roland Juno 60 a long time. And a couple of weeks ago I finally found one for a good price on E-bay. It was shipped to me today all the way from Canada.
From the tracking system from Canada post I saw that it arrived already on the 11th of february in The Netherlands. For some reason it stayed a long time at the customs for check in. I just mailed the seller yesterday to inform about the status and I would hear today. But not necessary any more. I think the Juno 60 is a very nice addition to my studio. I heard some very nice stuff on the internet coming from it.

Now I just hope that it will work. I unpacked it immediately and will let it acclimatize this afternoon. I know from experience that it is not good to switch on (especially old) electronics in cold and humid condition. So for now it is just standing in the hallway.

This evening I will take it up and hook it up to my power converter. Off course it is 110 Volts. When it works I'm thinking about selling the Juno 106, but I will first listen to them besides another. Many people say there is a huge difference in sound. The Juno 60 is supposed to sounds much more analog, much warmer. So I'm very curious.

I'm also a bit scared, because it has taken a long journey and there is a chance that it won't work. It did come insured, but there is no damage on it and I guess insurance wont cover electronic damage. And the warranty is long gone on this machine :)

The next thing to do when it works is look for a DCB converter. This machine has no midi like the Juno 106 and I definitely want to hook it up to my midi setup. DCB is some kind of Voltage Controlled interface, but it is Roland proprietary. There are two options for the interface. One is the Kenton. That is the most commonly used on, but there is also a Czech company selling interfaces for it. But nobody has experience with that. So I will probably go for the safe but more expensive solution. I will keep you posted soon on the progress off this project.

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