18 February 2008

AtmoSphere Studio Tech (Part 1)

I get a lot of questions in my e-mail about how all the stuff in my studio works. So I decided to make a series of blog postings about this item. Tonight I made a new schematic that globally shows how all the equipment is interconnected. Off course I will go more in dept in the later postings. When you click on the picture you will get a bigger version. I hope it is clear enough. I used different colors to show the different protocols that are used. In the lower right corner you see a table that shows what color is associated with what protocol. And please keep in mind that one line doesn't mean it is just one wire. It can represent more connections that all would do the same thing.

People that knew my previous studio will see that the biggest change I made is that almost everything is done in the PC now and almost everything is digitized as soon as possible. This is off course a choice I made based on experiences in the past, where I had trouble with noise and hum coming from way too long and way too much copper wires carrying analog audio signals. This setup also eliminates the need of the extra analog mixer I used to have that took a lot of space in the studio.

Another question I get a lot in my E-mail is what all the screens are doing there and if they are all hooked up to one PC. Well actually they are hooked up to three different PC's. The left two screens are attached to my studio PC where I run Sonar 7 producer on. That is my main midi and audio sequencer software. Basically I do everything in Sonar. The third screen is hooked up to a PC that I use for work (my day job), mastering and video work. There are also some synthesizers connected with USB on there so that I can run the software editor these synthesizers on that PC. The fourth screen is connected to a third PC that I use for chatting online, but also there is Kore 2 and Neuron VS installed with the Kore 1 and the Neuron controller attached via USB. So I use this one also as a soft synthesizer. OK enough for now. I'll continue in the next part soon.


SoundCreator said...

Hi Michel
WOW !!!!!
What a beautiful studio.
Since it is still really good.
My studio is something more modest.
on any case, great music from a great studio


Micha (SoundCreator)

Synth.nl said...

Thank you Micha