21 February 2008

Moog Little Phatty

I used to have a Creamware Minimax and actually I was quite fond of it, until I seriously played for the first time on a real Moog. It was the Little Phatty and I was hooked instantly on the shear clarity and power of the sound and decided to buy one. It really had that genuine Moog sound at an affordable price. You can use it for very powerful bass sounds and very nice lead sounds that really cut through your mix. And be honest doesn't it look lovely? :) Off course it is not a MiniMoog and you should not compare with that. But it is a joy to play on. Add some delay and reverb to it and you are in business. It is monophonic, and I like that, because that makes it more forgiving when soloing ;) There are also some downsides on this synthesizer. The knobs are clearly digital and are not always precise enough. They can make bigger steps than you want. And the potmeters have several functions. You cannot turn a knob for resonance and cutoff on the filter in the same for example. But you can automate this from your sequencer because everything is midi implemented, which makes it fine for me. Try it out when you get the chance!


Captain Analog said...

Hello, it is Amos from Moog Music! I found your blog here and I like it very much. A note about the Little Phatty, the knobs are not digital, they are real analog. They are scanned digitally but you have some control over this, which can improve the perception of "too big steps" that you were noticing. This is found on the Master menu under"Analog Mode." For very precise editing of parameters like Oscillator 2 Frequency I recommend to enter "Precision Mode" from the Master menu, which allows exact editing with 4096 steps of resolution. This allows precise oscillator tuning/detuning, for harmonic intervals and FM modulation stuff. I'm glad you like the LP, and if you ever have any questions you may email me at amos (at) moogmusic (dot) com!


Synth.nl said...

Thank you very much for this helpful comment :)