17 February 2008

AeroDynamics Album 2007

I guess this Blog should not only be about equipment, but also about my music. I started producing my own music end of 2005 and in 2006 I decided to start working on my first first album. The album is called 'AeroDynamics' and was released the 13th of October 2007 by Groove Unlimited.

Here a quote from my website about the theme of the album:

"During my involuntary military duty I served in the Dutch air force, where I was a mechanic on F-16 fighter planes. I got quite some education before I was able to perform this task. One of the classes I enjoyed a lot was aerodynamics and since then I have always been fascinated with the aerodynamic aspect of race cars and airplanes. So all tracks on this album are about cars, planes or aerodynamic phenomena related to the theme."

You can find more information on my AeroDynamics album on this URL:


On this URL you will also find a flash player with some sample tracks from the album and the links where you can buy it from. Please note that you will need Flash Player 9 installed to use the player on this page. In firefox this is not default. You will have to update it.

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