17 February 2008

MicroKorg Reversed

The latest addition in my studio was a MicroKorg. It is a small but powerful synthesizer with a build in vocoder. For a limited time Korg made the MicroKorg with reversed keys and I just couldn't resist it because of these looks.

Editing on this synth is not very easy but doable. I saw that Korg also has an software editor on their website, but I haven't checked that out yet. I think this is the ideal synthesizer to take with me on holidays, since it is so small :)

Last night I jammed a bit on it in combination with some drums from my Korg M3 and soloing on the Virus TI. I had a lot of fun. The sounds are very nice. I used the MicroKorg especially with its arpeggiator on. And even though the keys are very small you can play quite well on them.

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