28 February 2008

50000 MySpace Friends!

The 29 th of October 2006 I opened an artist account on MySpace.com. I planned it to be one of the tools to promote my music. I started inviting some people and soon my friend base started to grow quickly. In the mean time MySpace is my primary promotion tool. It is great to be able to reach so many people on one medium and the feedback I get is overwhelming. I get a lot of mail and try to answer everything as good as I can. It does take some time every day, but it motivates me like nothing else to go on with my music. I think MySpace is a great place to find new music and beginning artists and also to communicate with them.

Last week a milestone was set on my page. 50000 MySpace friends! Look on the picture below to see this magic number :) In the mean time I got also 127582 profile views, 93985 song plays, 3652 comments about my music and 794 people that subscribed to my blog. Amazing :) I would say have a look and if you don't have an account yet, make one and become my friends as well :)

You can find my MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/synthnl

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