09 June 2010

Roland GAIA SH01 GM Myth Busting

I have read several rumors on several internet forums about whether the Roland GAIA SH-01 has a multi-timbral General Midi synth or not. Well it is true. It is really in there. So you can play some General Midi file on it and solo along with it. Well tried it and it works. So Myth busted! My wife just made a picture of me when I was finishing my sound bank. Sorry for I was just out of bed ;) But the sound bank is finished. I just put it on a USB stick and put it on my notebook. And after that I have send an E-mail to Roland to ask if they are interested to put it on their website. I will let you know. If they don't I will put it online on my own website. But first I'll wait for answer. I'll keep you posted.

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