18 June 2010

Apollo Studio Decoration (Part 1)

Maybe you remember from a long time ago that I posted about some plastic model kits I bought to decorate my Apollo studio. Well finally the first of the kits is ready. It is the Eagle Moon Lander (LEM) from the Apollo 11 Mission. I built it partly with my daughters, but like always they don't really have the focus and concentration to finish the project to the end. But they did help me with the painting. They both painted the surface of the moon together for example. Well it was fun to build, but took a lot longer than I expected. I guess the rest will have to wait now, because I'm very busy both with work and with musical projects.

Part of the idea of building these kits was also to get inspiration for the upcoming Apollo album, but that didn't really work. Watching documentaries helped me a lot more. Now I just have to find a nice spot for this Moon Lander. For now it is on top of a speaker, but that is up too high to see. I will have to think about some solution. But now I'd better focus again on the music. I'm in the studio a lot at this moment and I already have 12 tracks for the Apollo album, but I also needed to finish two tracks for two different sampler CD's. And already I'm behind schedule for the planned release date that I had in mind being the 9th of October this year. Well I'll just have to see were I can make up some time again. I'll keep you updated on the progress.


Mary-Cat said...

Hi Michel,
That Moon Lander model is so cooool! It came out great, and you got to spend some quality time with your girls too. You have a lot on your plate right now, so just take it one day at a time...things have a way of sorting themselves out. You'll find just the right place in the studio for the LEM to give you inspiration and maybe keep you focused on your current project. I can't wait to hear it Michel, you always put so much of yourself into your music. Wishing a lovely weekend to you and your family.

Synth.nl said...

Thanks Mary-Cat :)