09 June 2010

Quick Demo of GAIA Sound Bank

This evening I moved the Roland GAIA SH01 downstairs to the studio. I made some extra room on the wall mounted rack in my digital corner. First there was one synth less on that same mount, but by tilting the synthesizers a bit less and moving them a bit closer together I could make room for the GAIA. I think it is just right there :) I didn't have any USB port left for it so I put it on a USB hub together with the Korg M3 and so far it seems to work just fine. I connected the audio quickly to the audio in of the Yamaha XS-6. That was the quickest way to get sound from it. I have to patch it in a AD converter though for optimal recording quality. But so far its fine. Since I was playing a bit on it anyway I recorded a little demo of the sound bank I'm making. I just played a bit with the first 8 sounds from bank 1, but it will give you an idea what it can so. As said before recording quality is not optimal. You can download an MP3 here:


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