19 June 2010

Recent Apollo Studio Changes

Last week I moved some stuff around in the studio. The ARP 2600 took the place of the ARP Avatar. And I moved the Avatar to the side. I'll probably sell the Avatar soon, since it doesn't add much over the ARP 2600. I can hear you say: Isn't it inconvenient on the floor? Ah well no. Actually I don't mind sitting on the floor now and then and If I want it up higher I can take a synth stand and put in on there when I work on it. I actually did that last week while I was making SFX on it for my upcoming Apollo album.

Then I moved my Juno 106 back over the Juno 60. There was room there since I sold my Juno 6. And in the spot where the Juno 106 was I placed the Prophet VS. The only synth that is not really on its place here is the reversed keys Poly 800. I will find a new spot for that one soon. I also still have to place a Roland JX-10 somewhere that is still standing on its side in the studio. So I'm not done yet moving stuff around. Today I visited Live Music in Arnhem and I found some very small synth stands there that I will use soon.

Here is another example of an extra spot I created. it is now taken by a Alpha Juno 2. Since everything is midi and audio connected in the studio I don't care much where the machines are in my studio. I will play on them from my master keyboard anyway. Ah well sometimes it is better to have a synth in front of you, but like I said before. I can easily pick it up, place it on a synth stand and play on it where ever I want to have it. So I hope this answers all the questions I had by E-mail about synth positions in my studio :) I'm sure I'll be moving a bit more to optimize everything even more. I'll keep you posted of course. And my good friend Chris that always takes pictures in my studio told me that he has a new camera and that he wanted to test it in my studio. So hopefully he will come by soon to take new pictures for the website.

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