12 June 2010

MS-20 Trade

In my quest to make a little room in my studio last week I traded two big synthesizers for one little one. A fair trade I think in value, but it didn't feel very fair. But that is what they call market pricing. I traded my Roland Juno-6 with build-in midi kit and my Roland RS-202 string synthesizer for this Korg MS-20. The MS-20 is a real classic, but in my opinion a bit overpriced. It is a nice semi-modular synthesizer. The reason I wanted to have one is that I used it on my AtmoSphere album and I liked the sound of it. I had one on load back then from my fried Chris, but now I have one of my own. It doesn't take up much space, so I'm sure I can fine a nice spot for it somewhere. I will use it the coming days to make some sound effects for my upcoming album.

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