25 August 2009

OceanoGraphy Cover and Track List

I just uploaded a new version of the cover of my upcoming OceanoGraphy album. Unfortunately the logo of the World Wildlife Fund had to go from the front because they only allow front cover logo's on their own productions. And well this is obviously my production ;) Well at least the cover even looks more peaceful now. There is still a reference to my cooperation on this project with the WWF on the back fortunately. I have clearance now to use the logo in this way. My designer Bart is now working hard on the rest of the artwork like the booklet and the CD itself. I myself still have to create text as well for the booklet etc Kees Aerts from Groove Unlimited will make the final artwork then. It is always a job that comes all the way in the back since it is depending on some information that isn't always clear until the very end of the production.

One of those things is the final track listing and the length of all the tracks. While the track order is final now I still don't know all the exact lengths since I'm still working on some on the tracks. You can see the final track names and the order that they will appear in the picture on the right. This will be on the back of the CD, so on the final version you will see the lengths as well. On my website there is already a very short explanation what the tracks are about. You will better understand the track names when you read that. I will add more text later on, but now I first need to work on the music. On this URL you will find more information as well as the pre-order link from Groove Unlimited:


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