24 August 2009

Synth.nl at Electronic Circus 2009

I'd like to inform you about a very nice Electronic Music Festival that is taking place soon. It is called 'Electronic Circus' and it is organized in Bielefeld in Germany. It will take place on the 12th of September. There will be several concerts there and I will be present there as well with a stall. On this stall you can buy my current CD's directly from me and I will also bring a special preview version of my upcoming 'OceanoGraphy' album. It will be almost finished by then so you can get a real sneak preview. I have visited this event last year and I must say it is very professionally organized and the concerts where great. The concert hall is in the middle of the town so there is plenty to eat just outside. You can find more information on this event on this URL: http://www.electronic-circus.net/. I hope to see you there! It would be nice to meet in person of course.

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