17 August 2009

Small Trip to London

I know I have been very quiet on here lately, but actually I have been working almost day and night in my studio on my new album the last weeks. But I needed a little break from it so I went on a small trip to London with my wife. We stayed there 5 days and did some nice things. You don't have to be bored in London. On of my favorite places there is the Science Museum. All kinds of new and old stuff. They even had this EMS VCS3 there that was used heavily by Jean Michel Jarre. They are hard to come by nowadays. Quite rare, but it was standing there as an example on an analog synthesizer. In front of that is some very cheap casio as an example of a digital synthesizer.

In the Science museum there is also a space department and because it was the 40th birthday of the apollo mission they had a very nice 4D like show about the moon landing. And there is also a very big IMAX theater in the same building were we watched a 3D movie about the construction of the International Space Station. I can tell you that watching a 3D movie on a big screen like that is very impressive. Besides the space stuff I also like the department where they have very ancient computers. I'm very into old electronics as you may know by now. But actually the whole museum is very nice and interesting. There is also some medical stuff, maritime etc. And next door is the Museum of Natural History also nice and you can both enter them for free. I can recommend it when you are there.

Above you see me in the picture with a scale model of the Moon Lander that the Apollo 11 put on the moon. Left here you see a picture of an actual Capsule that was used to get back to the Earth on some space mission. Quite small actually. Another interesting trip we took was to Greenwich to the Royal Observatory. There is also the zero hour time meridian and some museums. Again free entrance. There is also a very nice Planetarium there were they also played a very nice show about the Apollo program :) So this trip was a real treat for me :)

Beside all this space stuff we also visited the London Zoo and some nice pubs and restaurants :) I took my samples a long with me as well on this trip, so I also made some nice recordings that I can use in some music later on. But for now I'm back to working day and night under the ground in my studio. I have to be finished with the album by the end of September so the clock is really ticking on me now and I'm starting to feel a bit of stress already. I will give you an update on the status very soon on here. Have a bit of patience with me please :)

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