24 August 2009

OceanoGraphy Album Update

I promised a little update on the progress of my upcoming OceanoGraphy album. Here you can see a screen shot of how the album looks at this moment. This track order will be the final one. I updated the page as well. As you can see I have 12 tracks on the album and there is about 70 minutes of music. I'm still working on some tracks though in terms of arrangement. Especially OceanoGraphy and Artico can vary a bit in time. The other tracks are ready enough, but I'm working on the details on those. I still have about 5 weeks left and until then I'll work every minute I have on it polishing and trying to improve even more. I'm currently working closely again with my friend Hans again who helps me with idea's and points me to things he things can be better. But as you can see it is starting to look like something and I'm quite on schedule actually. Well enough for now. I'll update soon again.

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