03 June 2012

Another Studio Session with Remy Stroomer

Yesterday I did another very productive session together with Remy Stroomer in my studio for our upcoming collaboration album. The last weeks we did a lot of work editing on the material we already had played. The first thing we did yesterday is listen together to everything again and make remarks about the tracks, note them down and discuss what we both though was necessary to make them better. We agreed on almost everything there fortunately. We both thought one track didn't quite fit the whole concept and feel of the album and decided to play some new lines for that. Eventually we almost completely changed that whole track.

We have 10 tracks left now where we are still not sure about 1 track. That one still needs a lot of work, but we agreed that I'm going to try and work on this on next week and then we will decide later if we keep it on the album or not. We still have 79 minutes of music at the moment so plenty enough for a whole album. We divided the rest of the tracks yesterday so that Remy can work on some in his studio now and I can work in my studio on the other ones. In a couple of weeks we meet again and will do another session. All in all the progress of the whole album is going very well and we are still on schedule for a release by the end of this year I guess. I'll update you of course when there is news.

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