11 June 2012

3D IC Socket Project

Last week I had to explain to someone what the difference was between the two types of IC sockets that you can buy. Then I wanted to make a picture of them to make it more clear, but I couldn't get a nice image from the camera, so I decided to model them in Cinema 4D. I'm sure they will come in handy somehow in the future. Here is the first type that has round pins on them.

And here is the other type with flat pins. The round pin option is usually a bit more expensive, but they have my preference. They fit better in the holes of the PCB normally and also the pins don't bend so easily. But there is one situation where you would like to use the flat pin type and that is when you HAVE to bend the pins for whatever reason. I needed this recently to make the boot switch for the Amiga 500. There you need to stack two of these on top of each other and bend some pins out. That is impossible to do with the round pin version.

When I was finished building the two I thought: Why not make some variations as well. So that is exactly what I did. I created the most common wide types: DIP40, DIP32 and DIP24 and also I did some smaller versions: DIP16, DIP14 and DIP8. Once you have a base model to work from it is quite easy to adept them of course, but well now they are done and I can use them straight away next time.

And then I did the same for the other type as well. I curious actually if someone would be interested in these models I created. Sometime I buy models from a specialized website myself, but you can also sell your own stuff there. Maybe I should put this on there as well. I made a lot of other models in the time being as well. I'll have to find out how that works and I might just try to earn a little money this way. When you are reading this and you would be interested in these models do let me know off course :)

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