25 June 2012

Replacing Yamaha AN1X Battery

This weekend is the Swingungen Party in Hamm Germany where some artists play that I know very well. I'm going there as a visitor to see them play, but two of them asked me to bring some equipment since they can't bring much because of their limited space in transportation. One of the synths is the Yamaha AN1X. Of course I wanted to test the synths before I bring them and when I switched on the Yamaha it gave the message 'Battery Low'.

So this morning I went to the local electronics store to get a new battery. And then I started to see how to open up the AN1X. It turns out you have to put it up side down and then remove ALL the screws on the bottom. There are a lot I can tell you. I didn't count them but more than 30 for sure. I think Yamaha was afraid it would fall apart during playing ;) Well once you have it open and lift the cover you can easily see the battery and replace it. It is nicely put in a battery holder and takes a second to replace.

After you have replace the battery it has lost all it's settings and you need to do a factory reset and then put your sounds back into it. So if you didn't make a backup now is when you are screwed ;) But luckily I had no sounds in there that I had an emotional connecting with. After this I tested the whole synth and played a little on it and I must say it is a very nice synthesizer. One of the better Virtual Analogs out there I think and it is small, light and build as a tank so you can bring it a long on tour easily I guess :) Maybe I'll see some of you at the Garden Party next weekend!


Ryan Hursh said...

Once the battery is replaced are ALL the patches gone upon start-up, or just the user-created patches? Thanks!

Synth.nl said...

Sorry I don't remember. It is too long ago.