06 June 2012

3D Main Board Project (Part 1)

I'm currently working on a lot of projects at the same time. Some of them take up a lot of time though so it can take a while before I can show you something. This is a project I did a while ago to learn a bit more about the new physical render engine in Cinema 4D and especially the Depth of Field function. I used a free model of a Main Board and added a CPU and some DIMM memory modules and then tried to find some nice angles to render. As you can see the image is not sharp everywhere. The focus of the (virtual) camera determines this. In this way the renders look more like actual photographs.

Here is another angle of the same main board a bit more zoomed out. Here you can also see the DIMM memory modules. Everything is based on an actual photograph by they way with the components modeled on top of that picture. The Depth of Field in this image is a lot more subtle but it is still there. Don't forget to click on the pictures for a larger version by the way so you can look at the in more detail.

And here is the last one again from a different angle. I think they worked out quite nice. I'm planning to do an animation of this scene as well in the future, but my render farm is already running full time for a long time on some other animations. I'm really short on CPU now-a-days. For your idea: a render of a sill image like this in high quality already takes up a couple of hours. If you make an animation of lets say 10 second, you need 250 pictures since there are 25 frames in a second. So well do the math :) I hope to show you the new animations soon. I just wanted to share these images with you. I'm sure more will follow from this project in the future.

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