30 January 2011

Working on a new track about Don Quixote

Last weekend I decided to take a break from Apollo and work on another project. I started working on a track about Don Quixote. This character from the Spanish literature is most know for his fight against wind mills who he believed were giants. This track is meant for a sampler CD that will be released later this year. But a jury will decide which track go on there. At first I was afraid I wasn't going to make it at all, but I decided to give it a go Friday night and see if inspiration would come along. And it did :) So the last two days I worked a bit more on the track. It is still not finished, but now I'm sure I'll make the deadline that is set for the 15th of March. I will keep you posted on the progress and if I will make the CD, but I'm afraid it will take a while before I know. Now back to Apollo again :)

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