17 January 2011

PAIA 9700 Addition (Part 5)

Last week I received the final three PAIA modules I ordered for my 9700S addition. They are the 9743 Preamplifier that you can use to hook up a microphone or guitar to a modular system, the 9748 balanced modulator and the 9744 Dual CV Source, both nice utility modules. In the picture you can see all three modules still neatly bagged. I decided to start working on them tonight after dinner. I had worked all day on my Apollo album in the studio and was planning to continue later on, but this job was nice to do in between and give my ears some rest.

Again it was not very difficult, but I did seem to be missing one 100 Ohm resistor on the first module I build. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it so I decided to get one from my own stack. Well and guess what I saw lying on the ground just when I was finished with all three of them. Of course the missing resistor. Ah well never mind. In the picture on the right you can see all three modules laying side to side. All in all it took me about an hour to build all three of them.

Then I screwed them in the cabinet. As you can see in the picture on the left it is fully populated now. The next thing I need to do is get the power supply out and solder all the power cables from the modules to the PCB of the power supply. I intentionally waited with that, because I didn't want to take it out multiple times. So actually I have no idea yet if any of the modules work yet. I'm sure some will ;) We'll see about that I'll start finishing this up another time. After this I went back to working on my album. There is still a lot of work left on it, so better not waste too much time.


dJ dAb said...

I would love to invite you to my FB page. Just in the process of building it now. PAiA, Blacet, Frac Rack, etc...

nebula said...

Thanks very much for showing a little detail on these modules. I hope you're putting them to good use!

Just curious: even though they only have you soldering on a few thru-hole components, does PAiA still include schematics?

I'm thinking about ordering some and adapting them for Eurorack. Eurorack provides regulated +/- 12VDC, while the Frac stuff uses +/- 15V, but it looks like most or all of these PAiA modules use 7812/7912 regulators for the entire power rails in each module. So to use a Eurorack power supply, the solution would be to just bypass the regulators. Still, you want to verify this stuff on schematics before you start poking around ....

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Synth.nl said...

Hi, It was a long time ago when I bought them, but yes back then the schematics were included. Michel