09 January 2011

Moog Memorymoog LAMM in the Studio!

Today I drove with my friend Hans to Dortmund Germany to pick up a new synthesizer for the studio. It is one that has been on my wish list for a very long time. The Moog Memorymoog and I found one in near mint state with even the LAMM upgrade installed in it. After we came back I put it in the spot where my Alesis Andromeda used to be and we started playing with it right away. And I can say it is a very very great machine. It is like having 6 Moog Minimoogs at once and then even better :) I can't describe how good it is actually.

And here is another pictures of it next to it's little brother the Moog Minimoog. The sound of the Memorymoog is definitely very Moog, but I think it sounds a bit harsher than the Minimoog, but having 6 voice polyphony is soooo great :) I'm sure you will hear this synthesizer on my upcoming Apollo album. No doubt about it. Next thing to do now is replace the battery of my Andromeda since it is loosing all it's settings every time I turn it on. And then probably the Andromeda is going in the spot of my Elka Synthex since it needs to go out for service. It seems like one of the voice boards lost its tuning completely. And then I'll have to find another spot for the Andromeda, but I have some time to think about that. For now I'm going to play a bit more on the Memorymoog :)

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