06 January 2011

More Sound Effects on the ARP 2600

Last week I created some new Sound Effects for an upcoming collaboration project I'm working on. I can't tell you details yet, but keep an eye out :) Earlier this week I used the Roland SH-5 and today I used the ARP 2600 to make some new and unique sweeps, twirls, whooshes, modulations and so on. I usually just patch around and turn knobs while recording. Then when I think I have enough I start selecting the good parts and neatly trim then down. It is very boring work actually, but in the end it is rewarding to hear them back in a track, knowing that you made everyone from scratch :)


George said...

have you ever used an ARP Odyssey?. I remember the band I was with in Scotland in 1973 used a Mark 1. Just about the only "forward thinking local band" to use such "new technology" and we were a rock band at that time!

Synth.nl said...

I had an ARP Avatar that is about the same I guess. Very nice synth, but not modular. I sold it when I got the ARP2600. But it is for sure a synth that I can recommend.